1. Hit The Bottle
    The Pearl Harts: Hit The Bottle - Music Promo. DoP Giulia Savorelli ATC Management
  2. Bicep - Live
    Filmed at Feild Day 2016 this was used as a promo for their Village Underground live show! This Is Music Mangement Feel My Bicep
  3. Get Recovered - Live
    April Towers - Get Recovered - live music video. ATC Management
  4. A Little Bit Of Fear
    April Towers - A Little Bit Of Fear. DoP Adrian Peckitt Three Six Zero Management
  5. Chelsea Border
    Timothy Dunn London - Fragrance Chelsea Border. This clip was made for the digital screens running throughout Harrods for the duration of the spring campaign. DoP Adrian Peckitt
  6. Kate Simko Live Orchestra Live
    A live promo video for Kate Simkos live experimental show. Three Six Zero Management
  7. Showreel
    A taste of what I was up to at the end of 2015.
  8. Timothy Dunn London
    A short video to show the elements that go into making the luxury candles for Timothy Dunn London's Berdorf Goodman collection.
  9. Arcadia
    April Towers - Arcadia, music video. DoP Michael O'Connor
  10. Sold
    Sold. A short film written and directed by me.
  11. No Corruption
    April Towers - No Corruption, music video. DoP Adrian Peckitt Three Six Zero Management
  12. What Is My Message?
    Proxy - What Is My Message? A short documentary showing the parts of Proxy's life he was willing to show us. Shot in Russia!
  13. Blind Fate - Trailer
    Written and Directed By Sean E Robinson. Available to view post 09/08/17. Blind Fate is an experimental film where 3 seperate stories are played out at the same time. All are linked by the fate of its characters who exist in parallel universes.
  14. The World Wide Tribe - Jagala Wifi Film
    Produced by The World Wide Tribe Shot & Edited by Sean E Robinson
  15. Blind Fate
    What if parallel universes were linked by the only inescapable fact of life? Death. Blind Fate asks that question. Experimental in its delivery but at its core Blind Fate is a character driven drama.
  16. Tel Aviv
    Shot and Directed By Sean E Robinson for April Towers - FFS Records
  17. Gods I've Seen (Unplugged)
    Demob Happy unplugged session. Shot during a live recording at Dean Street Studios, London.