1. Hit The Bottle
    The Pearl Harts: Hit The Bottle - Music Promo. DoP Giulia Savorelli ATC Management
  2. Bicep - Live
    Filmed at Feild Day 2016 this was used as a promo for their Village Underground live show! This Is Music Mangement Feel My Bicep
  3. Get Recovered - Live
    April Towers - Get Recovered - live music video. ATC Management
  4. A Little Bit Of Fear
    April Towers - A Little Bit Of Fear. DoP Adrian Peckitt Three Six Zero Management
  5. Chelsea Border
    Timothy Dunn London - Fragrance Chelsea Border. This clip was made for the digital screens running throughout Harrods for the duration of the spring campaign. DoP Adrian Peckitt
  6. Kate Simko Live Orchestra Live
    A live promo video for Kate Simkos live experimental show. Three Six Zero Management
  7. Showreel
    A taste of what I was up to at the end of 2015.
  8. Timothy Dunn London
    A short video to show the elements that go into making the luxury candles for Timothy Dunn London's Berdorf Goodman collection.
  9. Arcadia
    April Towers - Arcadia, music video. DoP Michael O'Connor
  10. Sold
    Sold. A short film written and directed by me.
  11. No Corruption
    April Towers - No Corruption, music video. DoP Adrian Peckitt Three Six Zero Management
  12. What Is My Message?
    Proxy - What Is My Message? A short documentary showing the parts of Proxy's life he was willing to show us. Shot in Russia!
  13. Blind Fate - Short Film
    Written and Directed By Sean E Robinson. Available to view post 09/08/17. Blind Fate is an experimental film where 3 seperate stories are played out at the same time. All are linked by the fate of its characters who exist in parallel universes.
  14. The World Wide Tribe - Jagala Wifi Film
    Produced by The World Wide Tribe Shot & Edited by Sean E Robinson